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"World Trader Coffee"

  • 1/1/2000Date of Inception:
  • 1715 N. Holly LaneAddress:
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  • AtlantaCity:
  • GeorgiaState:
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About Company
  • Company Name: World Trader Coffee
  • About Company: World Trader Coffee Premium Coffee Roasted by the Order World Trader Coffee is a distributor of premium Arabica coffees. All coffees are roasted by the order and shipped directly to the customer – this provides the freshest coffee possible. We strive to provide one of the widest selections of premium coffees available: Single Origin Coffees Africa Arabia Asia Caribbean Central America Hawaii Indonesia South America Peaberry Coffees Estate Coffees Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffees Organically Grown Coffees Premium Coffee Blends Dark Roast Coffee Flavored Coffees Coffee Packages and Gift Packs All coffee is micro-roasted in small batches by experienced roasters, vacuum sealed, and then shipped directly to you, our customer. Please note that minimum order amount is $15.00, which usually is met with just two bags of coffee. If you have further questions about World Trader Coffee, please contact our Customer Care staff.
  • Company Background: Our Guarantee We seek your 100% satisfaction! World Trader Coffee guarantees your satisfaction with our freshly roasted-by-the-order premium Arabica coffees. Our staff strive to correctly process every customer order but no one is perfect all of the time. If we made a mistake in shipping you the wrong coffee, we will promptly send you the correct coffee. In addition, we will credit your account for the cost of returning the wrong shipment back to us, provided the coffee has not yet been opened. Please do not open a bag of coffee which has been sent to you in error and which you would prefer to return. To return any item, please contact World Coffee Trader's Customer Care staff. Even when you receive the correct coffee, World Trader Coffee is pledged to ensuring your satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied, please contact our Customer Care staff. Depending on the circumstances, we will either exchange the item or provide a credit to your account. Please remember to contact us before you return any item so that your request may be processed quickly and correctly. Thank you for shopping with World Trader Coffee.