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"KnowWare International Inc"

  • 1/1/2002Date of Inception:
  • 2696 South Colorado Blvd Suite 555Address:
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  • DenverCity:
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  • 80222Zip / Postal Code:
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  • 303 756 9144Phone #:
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About Company
  • Company Name: KnowWare International, Inc
  • About Company: What we do: We work with operational managers faced with rising costs and shrinking budgets and profits who want to plug the leaks in their cash flow.There are two main leaks in any company's cash flow: internal systems and people. Error prone processes and systems cost the average business 25-40% of the annual budget. Employees stressed by conflict and communication problems fall from 85% productive to less than 60% productive.To help plug the leaks in internal systems, we offer a complete Do-It-Yourself Six Sigma System with video, audio, workbooks and software to enable businesses large and small to start making dramatic improvements in speed, quality, cost and profits.To help plug the leaks involving people, we offer complete motivation and conflict video, audio, and workbook.