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"European Lottery Guild"

  • 3/12/1990Date of Inception:
  • Ebbenhout 1Address:
  • Address #2:
  • ZaandamCity:
  • HollandState:
  • 1507 EA Zip / Postal Code:
  • NLCountry:
  • +44 (0) 800 969 029 (FREEPHONE)Phone #:
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  • 41,124Profile views:
About Company
  • Company Name: European Lottery Guild
  • About Company: We're the world's largest and most trusted lottery-entry service. Through our agency, players worldwide have safe access to the great European lotteries, including EuroMillions, with its massive jackpots, and Spain's colossal El Gordo, with its prize pool worth billions. All lotteries available for play through European Lottery Guild (ELG) are officially licensed and approved by the governments of the sponsoring countries, and all tickets are purchased through European Lottery Guild's network of licensed lottery agents across Europe. We award the full value of all winnings to players without deductions. When you play through European Lottery Guild, your initial entry fee is the only amount you ever pay. We value our players' security and peace of mind, and provide players with complete documentation of all their plays. We allocate winnings promptly. Our top priority is bringing our players the very best experience in lottery play.
  • Company Background: European Lottery Guild has been in operation since 1990. Since its establishment, ELG has continued to grow, serving players worldwide. We utilise mailing facilities in Europe and abroad and operate an international customer-contact centre, enabling us to offer personalised customer care. European Lottery Guild and its service providers are bound by a strict code of ethics. To become the largest and most trusted in any industry, a company must always place its customers' well-being first. That principle has enabled us to become the established and respected international organisation we are today.