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  • Company Name: Dr. Diane Hamilton
  • About Company: Through writing, teaching and speaking, Diane Hamilton, Ph.D. is dedicated to improving people’s lives and potential by instilling her knowledge through 10 career changes over 20 years and, of course, life experience. Diane Hamilton is an expert in her field and is the author of The Online Student’s User Manual: Everything you need to know to be a Successful Online College Student, The Young Adult’s Guide to Understanding Personalities and now HOW TO REINVENT YOUR CAREER: Make Money Doing What You Love. Currently she is a professor at 6 online universities teaching business-related courses at the bachelor, master and doctorate levels. She is a strong believer in education, be it at an online university, a community college or a prestigious university—whatever is the best fit for time, lifestyle and money. Diane started her career as an office manager, learning that she loved to use her organizational skills, something she has taken with her to this day. Then she went on to sales and marketing. She even dabbled in the entrepreneurial world with her own company that taught basic and advanced computer skills. A huge part of her career was spent as a pharmaceutical sales rep for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. It is there were she learned that her “dream job” to others was in fact a job she loathed inspiring her future. Following that she worked as a loan officer, a mortgage broker and a real estate agent. All these career identities lead her to where she is today. She would not change it for the world and her specialties are vast, allowing her to be a phenomenal teacher, writer and speaker.