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WooEB ADit Deals Increases Exposure for Daily Deals with Inclusion of Press Release and Buzz Signal

WooEB ADit Deals is a new way for companies to run their daily deals. After analyzing other daily deal sites WooEB recognized a problem, these sites can do companies more harm than good. This happens because the discounts are so steep, the revenue is shared between the company and the daily deal site, and the daily deal site can hold on to the revenue generated for up to 90 days after the deal is run. This puts the merchant in a position where they must supply the goods or services to their customers at a loss without seeing any revenue for nearly three months.

ADit Deals solves this problem by giving companies a place to run their daily deals for a fixed price of $199. Deals can be processed through PayPal or a merchant services account so that the company receives their money quickly and in the full amount (less processing fees). WooEB does not take a cut of your money.

When a company signs up for an ADit Deal they are able to choose a category that they want to list their deal in. Categories include food, spas, pets, clothing, home and garden, automotive and more. This allows potential customers to find deals in the category they are most interested in. They do not get overloaded with deals that they do not want.

To generate interest in an ADit Deal, each deal is accompanied by a press release with the social networking tool Buzz Signal. The press release can be published a few days before the deal begins to increase awareness about the deal. It also allows the release to receive additional exposure when people share it with their friends and family.

The addition of a Buzz Signal gives the deal wide distribution and puts a link to the deal in real people’s profiles on sites like Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg so that it appears on the sites where people already congregate. It also makes it easier for people to share the deal with their own friends and followers.

Running a WooEB ADit Deal lets a company provide their customers with deeper discounts. A fixed price of $199 (plus processing fees) lets companies determine the total cost of their deal and plan accordingly to maximize their profits. They can reward the customers they already have and reach new customers without having to worry about splitting their revenue with a third party. There is no need to provide customers with goods and services before being paid because the company receives their money quickly with no interference from WooEB.

To schedule your ADit Deal today call WooEB at (404) 443-3224.