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  • 1/23/2012
  • 1:56 PM
  • ADit Deals is Building a Sales Team

    ADit Deals by WooEB is building a sales team.

  • 11/16/2011
  • 12:34 PM
  • Reach New Customers and Increase Sales with ADit Deals

  • 11/16/2011
  • 12:07 PM
  • ADit Deals Gives You the Money From Your Sales With a Fixed ...

    WooEB ADit Deals is bringing a new approach to the way deals are run online. Understanding that sites like Groupon and LivingSocial do not provide merchants with their sales money for up to 90 days, WooEB ADit Deals is launching with a fixed price. The sales are between the merchant and their customer, WooEB does not receive proceeds from the sale.Online deals are a great way to let new customers know about a product or service, but deals can do more harm than good if they don’t generate enough return business to make up for the discount offered. When a deal site shares the sales revenue with the merchant it can leave the merchant with only 25% of the value of goods sold.

  • 11/16/2011
  • 12:05 PM
  • ADit Deals Brings Your Deals to the Public and You Keep the ...

    WooEB ADit Deals is here to provide merchants a way to offer their customers online deals without assuming the financial pitfalls that come with sites like Groupon and Living Social. A WooEB ADit Deal gives merchants the ability to offer their customers great discounts while keeping all of the revenue they generate from their sales.Merchants like online deals because it provides them with a way to bring new customers in the door to increase their business, even if the discount they have provided returns a loss. WooEB thinks that merchants should be able to bring customers to their store without taking such a hard hit.

  • 9/27/2011
  • 5:08 PM
  • WooEB ADit Deals Increases Exposure for Daily Deals with Inc...

    WooEB ADit Deals is a new way for companies to run their daily deals. After analyzing other daily deal sites WooEB recognized a problem, these sites can do companies more harm than good. This happens because the discounts are so steep, the revenue is shared between the company and the daily deal site, and the daily deal site can hold on to the revenue generated for up to 90 days after the deal is run. This puts the merchant in a position where they must supply the goods or services to their customers at a loss without seeing any revenue for nearly three months. ADit Deals solves this problem by giving companies a place to run their daily deals for a fixed price of $199. Deals can be processed through PayPal or a merchant services account so that the company receives their money quickly and in the full amount (less processing fees). WooEB does not take a cut of your money. When a company signs up for an ADit Deal they are able to choose a ...

  • 9/16/2011
  • 3:45 PM
  • Tips On Driving Traffic That Work!

    As the year goes into the home stretch, let us remember what many of us resolved to do on January 1st… increase our online visibility. To help you use WooEB to achieve that goal, here are some online marketing tips from our team. 1. Content is king. Remember to keep posting content to your WooEB Hub so that you can build links and drive traffic. If you haven’t recently posted a blog, sent over a press release or updated your WooEB Hub with a Right Now, come by and...

  • 9/16/2011
  • 2:42 PM
  • Reach New Customers with ADit Deals

    Hope everyone had a great summer!! Our staff at WooEB™ has been very busy working on our new product ADit™ Deals which will help our members drive new customers to their site or location. The WooEB™ team worked on ADit™ Deals through the Labor Day weekend in preparation for its launch. In addition to the web-based service ADit™ Deals will provide, we are also developing a mobile app for the iPhone to reach people on the go....

  • 2/23/2011
  • 7:53 PM
  • ADit Deals on WooEB Give Unique Advertising Control to the M...

    ADit deals: an application offered by that gives each member control over ad space inside their WooEB Hub.Business members that are running ADit Deals get the benefit of displaying the ads they want inside their hub when they want. WooEB provides ad space on the right side of each page inside a member’s hub for a 160 x 600 ad to display. Members can designate where the ad links to and what ad they want to run.As more traffic comes to WooEB, (anetworking sitefor business owners, individuals and...

  • 2/23/2011
  • 7:52 PM
  • Run Your ADit Deals To Increase Your Products and Services B...

    ADit Deals is new from and is available to all members of WooEB.Members of WooEB have complete control over running the deals they want, when they want, directly from their WooEB Hub.ADit deals are a part of every WooEB member’s hub. It is solely up to the member to choose to run ADit deals. Members from around the world can Join WooEB, active their hub...