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Marketing Your Business through Community Networking Site WooEB

As businesses continue to turn to the Internet as a means of marketing their products and services the use of community networking sites have become popular venues.


Businesses utilize these sites to post their blogs, upload videos, list jobs, display news and company information, network with clients and customers, show pictures of employees and products, etc.


While these community networking sites are useful for a business to create greater exposure and market their company they can also be incomplete. Most of these networking sites concentrate on particular features such as blogs, videos or job listings and don’t give visitors a comprehensive view of the company.


To solve this problem WooEB has created a business networking community in the most popular applications on the Web can be implemented to create the most comprehensive business profile possible. By doing this a business can ensure that when a visitor comes across their profile they have access to all the company information that has been posted and distributed.


Through their WooEB profile a business can provide visitors with contact information, a direct link back to their company Web site, a unique URL for their WooEB profile, an “About Us,” blog posts, uploaded videos, job listings, photos and news distributed through TransWorldNews or WooEB. A business can also establish a network within the business community that enables them to interact with customers and clients, making it easier to open lines of communication.


As an added feature WooEB provides businesses the ability to upload banner advertising to their profile through the ADit application. This feature will guarantee that a business doesn’t have outside advertising appear on their pages. The ADit application can also be used to highlight deals on products and services, etc.


The ADit application for business profiles is $100 for a year and this enables the business to display their own ads and change those ads out as often as they like. These ads can link to the designated URL the business chooses.


WooEB is owned by TransWorldNews, Inc., a global leader in news and press release distribution. All news and press releases distributed through WooEB will be displayed on all TransWorldNews sites, affiliates, opt-in RSS feeds as well as made available to all major search engines for indexing in their news and Web search results.