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ADit within your Social Networking Profile on, the global network where you provide the content, offers the ADit application as a unique branding tool that allows the user complete power over their profile.


The ADit application is a must for any company, band, product, service, or any individual looking for branding in today’s social media market. YourFINDit gives the user superior branding tools for the social media market, which is not congruent with today’s ideology of a social network.


With the ADit application you own all the space within your unique YourFINDit profile. It enables you to drive all of the traffic to the designated URL of your choice. ADit allows you to provide an outstanding presentation to any individual that visits your profile. 


With the ADit application you can have your ads running throughout your profile videos, music, autos, realty, jobs, classifieds, dating, interviews and events.


·     The ADit application gives you multiple banners that will run throughout your profile.


·     Have full design capability of your profile by managing your own banners.


·     Switch out your banners to notify the public of any specials.


·     Unlimited banner impressions with the ADit application.


·     With ADit you and only you own all of the space within your profile. Keeps unwanted ads from running within your profile page.


·     Drive traffic to the designated URL of your choice.


·     The likelihood of a visitor clicking on a banner ad as opposed to a link

·     within text is much greater.


Make your YourFINDit profile stand out with the ADit application. Get the ADit application today and make your profile on YourFINDit YOURS.

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