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Press Release Distribution, Other Online Marketing Tools Available through Account Manager on YourFINDit.

Press release distribution is an integral component in any company’s plans to initiate and sustain a successful marketing campaign. Through a press release a business can quickly relay information regarding new products or services, employment appointments, board announcements, earnings reports, conference calls and much more.


As effective as press releases are as an online marketing tool they can also become a major expense for a business. Because of the expense companies are often forced to limit the number of releases they distribute which in turn limits their exposure and could prevent them from attracting new customers and clients.


Through YourFINDit, a business networking community created by TransWorldNews, Inc., every company has a real alternative to that expense related to press release distribution. YourFINDit offers several press release options that are designed to fit any budget and because press releases distributed through YourFINDit are simultaneously disseminated on all TransWorldNews sites a company can be assured that their news releases receive the same exposure TransWorldNews has established.


Press releases distributed through YourFINDit can include a logo, video, a picture gallery and links back to the company website. Each press release is manually search engine optimized (SEO’d) to ensure proper indexing in major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask before being distributed. Once distributed and the release appears simultaneously on all TransWorldNews sites, its affiliate sites as well as YourFINDit and each release features a “Share” button on the bottom that enables readers to quickly post their release to their accounts on more than 40 blogging and bookmarking sites that include Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Newsvine, Technorati and StumbleUpon.


As a business networking community YourFINDit offers companies and individuals the ability to create profiles that will automatically pull in content distributed through all YourFINDit portals. For existing accounts on YourFINDit and TransWorldNews the creation of a profile is as easy as signing in to the community page with the same username and password you already use.


To make marketing campaigns easier for companies YourFINDit has created an Account Manager page that can be utilized to easily manage the their content and upload new content. To view all the options available through YourFINDit go to:

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