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D21 Promotes "The Pain" Album

D21 Promotes "The Pain" Album London born, but raised in the Bronx, NY, D21 is back in London pursuing his musical career full time.  Rapping since he was 21, D21 is influenced by the likes of Nas, Tupac, and Jay Z.  Currently promoting his debut album, entitled The Pain Album, D21 is keeping himself busy developing and marketing his own blend of poetic hip hop, drawing inspiration from his own life.    Hear D21 talk about his music and the London hip hop scene in the D21 interview with Rebecca Firth on YourFindit.   The Pain Album is 16 tracks of hip hop poetry set to the beat of D21’s life. The album in its entirety took about a year to produce, although only about a month of the production was spent recording in a studio. Although there is no overall theme, the album serves as the artist’s autobiography.  It detailes his experiences and focuses on the facts of his life rather than hip hop’s usual fantasy lifestyles of the rich and famous.  Learn more about D21 on his YourFindit profile at     Find out how you can talk about your music in a YourFindit audio interview.  Contact Rebecca Firth at 404.352.4949 or send her a message through her YourFindit profile at to schedule an interview today!   Rebecca Firth is a writer for YouFindit and TransWorldNews.  Specializing in music and musician interviews, Rebecca is frequently searching for new and interesting music.  Learn more about Rebecca Firth or read more of her stories on Rebecca Firth’s profile on YourFindit.