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"Data Capture Solutions"

  • 1/1/1992Date of Inception:
  • 160 West Road (RT 83)Address:
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  • EllingtonCity:
  • CT State:
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About Company
  • Company Name: Data Capture Solutions
  • About Company: It seems like every technology company today calls itself a “solutions provider”. The problem is that many of them often try to shoehorn whatever challenge you are facing into the solution they are selling. At Data Capture Solutions, we know it doesn’t work that way. We know that every industry has common challenges but we also understand that every company in that industry experiences those challenges differently, and therefore, every solution has to be unique. Since 1992 Data Capture Solutions has provided innovative solutions, bar code scanners, handheld devices, wireless technologies, software and services to more than 1,500 clients worldwide. We’ve built our reputation one client at a time by providing the insights, expertise, and critical thinking needed to improve your business processes, competitiveness, and profitability. Our success is based on continuous collaboration with each client until the right solution. Our goal in every engagement is not to just add value but to drive value. Our company is made up of solution consultants, hardware and software engineers, project managers, and installation technicians. Our newly expanded headquarters in Ellington, Connecticut includes a 24/7 help desk, a Mobility Command Center for the remote management of mobile devices, a complete hardware diagnostics and repair center, and our custom software engineering labs.