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"AnFed Bank"

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About Company
  • Company Name: AnFed Bank
  • About Company: We created Annuitants Federal Bank after decades of working with lottery winners and structured settlement annuitants because no bank was meeting their financial needs. Now there is a bank just for you. If you need to sell your structured settlement or lottery prize payments, AnFed Bank cuts out the middleman so you get more money, and you get it faster. AnFed Bank also offers a variety of BofI Federal Bank banking products. When you need to sell your future payments, get financing for a car or open a checking account, we want to be your first call. Not only will you have the security that comes with knowing that you are working with a real bank, but you also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are working with some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the structured settlement finance industry.
  • Company Background: AnFed Bank is a division of BofI Federal Bank, a federally chartered, FDIC insured savings bank. The bank has been involved in the purchase of structured settlement and lottery receivables since 2008, and has provided financing to many companies in the industry. BofI Federal Bank recruited the most reputable and knowledgeable professionals in the lottery and structured settlement payment finance industry to create and manage AnFed Bank. The three most senior members of AnFed Bank’s management team alone have over 30 years of combined experience in helping Structured Settlement Annuitants and Lottery Winners achieve their financial goals.