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Spark | Produced by Little Fish Films

Shot on Red Epic with anamorphic lenses on location in London. I’m very pleased to be able to finally show this commercial that I wrote and directed, produced by Little Fish Films who I’ve just signed with. This is a test commercial which means it will probably never air on television but it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to create a showreel piece with my new producers that ticked a lot of the boxes of my directorial strengths in one 90 second piece. I’m very proud of this work.

Siberian Husky Cute Thing Ever

My dog started doing this when she was 9 months old randomly. The video is of a 10 minute commute I do most days highlighting some parts of the trip. Her name is Shiro and she's a purebred Siberian Husky in this video she is 10 months old. Enjoy!

Jeff Gordon taking an unexpected salesperson on a ride of his life

Check out how good Jeff Gordon can drive this 2009 Camaro unreal.

Pep Talk Video this is Amazing

I would vote for this young man

WooEB Along with ADit Deals is Changing Social Networking

Does Bill O'Reilly kick Bill Maher's ass in this interview?

Losing it with Bill O'Reilly Snaps (New Longer Uncut Version)

Bill O'Reilly before The Factor

Kobe Bryant 48pts vs Steve Nash Phoenix Suns NBA 11/12

Kobe Bryant 48pts vs Steve Nash Phoenix Suns NBA 11/12

Steve Nash Liquid Food Video