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Step Forward Into The New Age Of Online Classifieds With The Market From WooEB

Atlanta, GA 4/22/2011 12:47 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Letting people know that you have products and services for sale is a must for any business. People have to be able to find your product to know that they want to buy it. One of the best parts about putting your product online is that you can reach a broad audience with a few strategic posts here and there. To convert these viewers into customers you must make sure that people know about who you are and what your product does. With this in mind, WooEB developed the Marketplace so that anybody that sees your product can learn everything they need to know before they decide to make a purchase.

Many sites let you post your content on their pages so that other people can see it. You can include pictures and a description but little else. WooEB provides the tools that you need to draw in viewers multiple ways.

Activating the Market in your Hub is the first step. Make sure that you post your products with a brief description and the market you are trying to reach. To reach more people put out a press release with more information. Tell everyone what your product does and why it is something that they need to have. Include links in the press release to the listing in the market and where they can buy it. This will give people a new way to find the listing.

After you have listed the product in the Market and written a press release update your Right Now status. Tell people that you put the product up. Let them know that they can read more about your product in the press release. Make sure to include key words in your post so that it indexes well on search engines when people do searches.

Finally start using ADit for your WooEB Hub. For businesses it is $100 and only $10 for individuals. ADit means that your banner ad will display next to your listing in your Hub for an entire year. You can link viewers back to the pages on your site that you want them to see. They will already know about what you are offering and will be able to quickly make a decision.

The new age of online classifieds is here. Don’t limit your reach by only posting your product. Using the tools that WooEB provides you can bring more exposure to your company and convert viewers into customers.

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