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Pacific Telephone Company To Offer For Sale 212 AREA CODE Manhattan Telephone Numbers

Pacific Telephone Company Offers 50 Rare Manhattan 212 Area Code Telephone In Sequential Order

New York 4/08/2011 04:09 AM GMT (WooEB)

Now available for sale from Pacific Telephone Company LLC are a total of 50 RARE 212 area code telephone numbers in sequential order.

Ever since New York City began incorporating the dreaded 646 area code, Manhattan-ites have been divided into the haves and have-nots — with the coveted, and traditional, 212 area code transformed from an afterthought into a three-digit status symbol. Mostly the issue was relegated to one’s home phone. Now, tech start-ups are find themselves suffering what The Wall Street Journal called “212 lust.”

The Journal reported earlier this week that some in the tech world feel 212 gives one an edge, or a certain authority when popping up on Caller ID.

When it comes to running a successful telemarketing campaign, it helps to put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes. Every time your phone rings, you probably glance at the caller ID; if a strange 800 number appears, you’ll probably let it go to voice mail. After all, it’s probably a telemarketer! A great way to get around this common issue is by investing in a quality 212 phone number. When prospective customers see a 212 phone number flash across their screens, they are a lot less likely to ignore the call. A 212 number can dramatically improve your campaign’s response rate, getting your foot in the door with a wide range of business prospects.

                                                                              212 Numbers Get Results

Phone numbers with 212 area codes tend to grab a person’s attention. Regardless of where they live in the country, most people know that 212 is the area code for the bustling heart of Manhattan. When they see an incoming call from the 212 area code, most people assume that it involves something important. In turn, they are a lot more likely to pick up the phone. The initial response that most people have when seeing a 212 number on their telephones is one of curiosity, instead of one of annoyance or aggravation. Needless to say, that can be enormously beneficial to your company.

                                                                                 A Great First Impression

By using a 212 number, you help enhance your telemarketers’ credentials without having to do anything major. People who receive calls from your company will automatically assume that your telemarketers are capable and professional. After all, they work for a company that has a 212 telephone number. It will be a lot easier to get somewhere than it would be with different area codes. In short, your telemarketing campaigns will produce more consistent and effective results when you use 212 phone numbers. Your investment in one of these topnotch numbers will pay for itself again and again when your telemarketing campaigns finally yield real results for your business.



                            OF 212 AREA CODE NUMBERS  IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER    

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