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Cutting Costs Smartly with Defragmentation from Diskeeper

Burbank, CA 4/06/2011 11:41 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The recent economy has forced many companies to make difficult decisions. They need to find ways to spend less money on their daily operations. At the same time they need to make sure that they are able to grow and plan for the future. Company leaders find themselves making difficult choices about where and how to spend money and ensure the company can effectively do its duties.

The decisions normally come down to laying off employees, freezing pay or enforcing budget cuts to key departments. These actions do save money but they hurt the company’s chances for growth and prosperity. Employees must find ways to keep producing with fewer resources. If companies look deeper into their operations they can find another way to save money and maintain productivity.

Companies use computer network systems in every aspect of what they do. They rely on these systems to enable employee communication, inter-office messaging, sharing software and hardware, reaching out to clients and store the data that the company keeps on file. They are also used to provide internet to the office and keep operations running smoothly.

Because computer network systems are such an integral part of a company’s day to day success they need to be running at peak efficiency at all times. A slow computer network system can cause delays and errors that cost time and money to fix. As delays continue to build employees can be overwhelmed and grow frustrated. Over time these frustrations cost the company money and can have a substantial effect on the company’s business.

Computer network systems slow down for a variety of reasons. The most frequent reason is that the disk has become fragmented. Fragmentation is when files are no longer stored in a single place on the disk. The files are broken into pieces and stored in several places. If it is not taken care of properly fragmentation will continue to grow and slow down the computer network system’s operations. Sometimes fragmentation will even lead to a complete network crash. A crash can take months to overcome and restore the data that a company relies on.

Ignoring fragmentation on the computer network system obviously has dire consequences for those who rely on the system to do their jobs and provide for their clients. It is essential for companies to maintain their computer network system just like any other piece of machinery they use. Waiting to deal with this problem only leads to costlier repairs.

Luckily, the Diskeeper Corporation has created a way to manage fragmentation and protect company assets. Their data performance software, Diskeeper 2011, can defrag a network drive and restore files that have been damaged from fragmentation. It helps solve the problem before it becomes unmanageable and will even prevent fragmentation from happening if it installed right away.

There are many benefits to using data performance software. The software will greatly extend the life of a computer network system. Upgrades and fixes will be less frequent less costly to perform. Employees using the system will be able to access the information that they need quickly and easily and will not have to wait to do their job. Data performance software will also provide an additional level of security, keeping information stored on the network safe from crashes.

A company that is trying to save money should take a long look at their day to day operations. If they, like most, rely on a computer network system they should make sure that they have data performance software and are running at maximum efficiency. By using the software to defrag the system they may not need to eliminate employees or cut necessary funding from some of their departments. By analyzing their options smartly companies can leave room for future growth and sustained revenues.

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