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Reduce Costs Associated with Fragmentation, Improve Speed and Productivity of Computer Network System with Performance Software

Burbank, CA 3/23/2011 02:24 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The pressure most companies are facing to stretch their dollar and maximize their resources continues to dominate the landscape of business. This pressure to reduce spending is made even greater by the constant demand to not only sustain business but actually improve upon it. Such demands seem unrealistic but if a company is able to recognize where they are wasting money and then eliminate that burden then meeting those impossible expectations will be easier than first thought.

Recognizing where money is being wasted isn’t the same thing as simply reducing payroll, implementing pay freezes, or laying off employees. While these moves may cut costs they won’t solve the bigger problem that has put a company in their current position and it could actually cause even more problems as such moves generally upset the employees who are affected by those decisions.

Rather than go down the typical path companies should carefully examine how they are spending their money and determine if there is a better way to operate their business. In most cases these companies find that their computer network system is not performing at the level it had initially. This equates to waste, a significant amount of waste. Solving this issue could be exactly what a company needs to do to improve efficiency and productivity while also reducing costs.

Computer network systems are often taken for granted by a company, they just expect them perform at a high level on a daily basis. More often than not a company doesn’t even recognize when a computer network system isn’t operating up to its capabilities, they simply assume that they have problems with their employees. The truth is computer network systems need attention and when a company is suffering from a slowdown in productivity or efficiency it is because the health of the computer network system is being ignored.

Slowdowns in a computer network systems performance carry over into all areas of a business because the functions that it is charged with facilitating involve every area of a business. Employees rely upon the computer network system to share and access files, software, and hardware, it is used for communication between employees and customers/clients via email as well as between employees through internal messaging, it provides a quick browsing experience for searching the Internet, it stores large amounts of company data, and it safely secures all information.

All of these areas are critical to a company’s efficiency and productivity and when they are affected by a slowdown the results are obvious. In many cases employees don’t fail to get work done because they are lazy or don’t care, they just don’t have the resources, a properly running computer network system, to complete what’s being asked of them.

There are a number of issues that could slow down the performance of a computer network system but the most obvious and potentially devastating is fragmentation, a condition in which pieces of individual files and free space on a disk are not contiguous but rather broken up and scattered around the disk. Disks that are heavily fragmented are incapable of operating at their designed speed and this can cause file hangs, lost files, or even a complete network crash. This is the reality of ignoring the health of a computer network system and the costs associated with such neglect usually put companies in a situation where they find themselves implementing those typical cost-cutting moves.

Those moves, as stated earlier, do nothing to actually solve the real problem that the company is facing and they will soon find themselves in the same position as productivity and efficiency remain stagnant and the costs continue to mount. This means that the issue of fragmentation must be solved if a company wants to truly cut costs while improving their business operations.

To solve the problem of fragmentation a company must address the issue head on with performance software. Companies like Diskeeper Corporation, which recently released their most powerful data performance software to date Diskeeper 2011, have designed software with not just efficiency and productivity in mind, but cost-savings as well.

Installing performance software like that of Diskeeper will reverse the damage from fragmentation and prevent future fragmentation from occurring. In fact, Diskeeper 2011 is actually capable of preventing fragmentation from ever occurring, meaning the slowdowns that are often experienced by a company never have to be endured, they just need to install the data performance software.

Performance software is a cost-saving practice as well because a computer network system that is free of fragmented files is a healthier network system. This means its life will be extended much longer than an network that is suffering from the disease of fragmentation. Instead of having to replace a sick network a company can rest easy knowing that their system will not only be operation, but capable of performing at its highest level.

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