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Highlight Your Listings In “The Market” On WooEB With ADit Deals

Atlanta 2/01/2011 03:13 AM GMT (WooEB)

WooEB, the business networking platform that empowers members to post all their content in one space, makes it easy for customers to see all your information in one place. WooEB now offers its members the ability to truly highlight their listings in The Market with ADit deals and an accompanying press release.

The web right now is filled with great marketing applications scattered on a variety of sites that require multiple accounts to get your message out to the world. WooEB has designed a platform that provides one area called your Hub. There you can post most, if not all the content that you want potential and existing customers to see when they want to find out more about what your business offers.

Imagine listing your products and services for sale and including a video and pictures tied directly to your Right Now status updates to let contacts know that you updated your listings in The Market. Right next to your listing you can have an ad that displays deals you are currently running, driving traffic to your listings from organic search results through press releases and blogs linking back to your The Market tab in your hub. Now you can! WooEB allows its members to utilize these marketing applications to build traffic for their listings and generate more sales. Joining WooEB and activating your Hub is free. One of the key elements of success on WooEB is the ADit application which provides each member complete control over the ads on their Hub pages to only display ads the member uploads. 

We had a client last week who noticed that their ADit Deals banner expired and emailed us right away with an attachment to their analytics report showing the traffic from ADit Deals and their sales increase as a result of it. They requested an immediate renewal of their ADit banner because it works. This along with a steady incline we are seeing from search result traffic to the WooEB site is an extremely positive indication that WooEB is providing success stories for members actively utilizing the content applications every member of WooEB has access to.

Samara Lynn of PC Magazine stated that “WooEB takes the ‘ick’ factor out of Internet marketing and promotion and is simple enough to use that novices need not be intimidated.”

WooEB “where everything begins” finally provides everything in one space for members to upload and readers to see. This is very time saving for readers to be able to learn all about your business in one space instead of having to follow you on one site, be your friend on another, read your blog on yet another site, watch your videos someplace else, read your press releases if they can find them on another site, see what your selling on another and get emails from a lot of merchants in your area that you have no interest in. With ADit Deals you can run your deals when you what on what you want, so your followers, fans and friends can get your specials any day you run them.

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