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Run Your ADit Deals To Increase Your Products and Services Brand Awareness

Drive Sales with ADit Deals new from and is available to all members.

Atlanta 1/27/2011 03:04 AM GMT (WooEB)

ADit Deals is new from and is available to all members of WooEB.

Members of WooEB have complete control over running the deals they want, when they want, directly from their WooEB Hub.

ADit deals are a part of every WooEB member’s hub. It is solely up to the member to choose to run ADit deals. Members from around the world can Join WooEB, active their hub and upload a variety of content to increase traffic to their hubs by indexing in search engines and receiving organic traffic from search results.

Everyone can Join Free and post content to a plethora of applications that include: Video, Pictures, Blogs, Press Releases (News), The Market (list products and services for sale), Right Now updates, Job Listings, Resumes and Events. In addition to building a WooEB hub, members can purchase the ADit application for 12 months and have complete control over the ads that run on their hubs. This allows members to run the ADit deals they want when they want.

ADit Deals is currently in beta but members can post products and services in The Market; post their ADit deal in the ADit Banner application within their Hub and then market the deal with a press release and updates with links from their Right Now. With so many merchants trying to capture their local market through advertising coupons, ADit deals provides an affordable structure and empowers each member to run deals daily and not when they are approved by a third party.

To get started on your ADit Deals Join WooEB, purchase the ADit application and post your deal.

We recommend emailing your deal to your customers with a link to your WooEB Hub deal page and also posting Right Now updates so they can be seen by other WooEB visitors. It is also important to list your ADit Deals in The Market.

With all the online marketing applications WooEB offers, running your ADit Deals through the WooEB Business Network provides each merchant the ability to drive new and existing customers to your deals every day.

To be highlighted on the WooEB Featured Company Page please email or call us with your ADit deal and we will select the best daily ADit Deals to feature.

WooEB is offering an ADit Deal Right Now for more details go to ADit Deal Promo

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