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BBB and Sporto Motoring Team Up for Better Business

Sporto Motoring and Better Business Bureau join to give customers more trusted shopping experience.

Cincinnati, Ohio 1/23/2011 09:02 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Sporto Motoring Accessories, an online store for auto accessories, based in Cincinnati, Ohio has recently improved its online shopping experience.

Online shopping involves a trust relationship between the visitor and the online store.The more the store adds to that feeling of trust the greater the chance of a visitor becoming a customer. Recently Sporto Motoring Accessories added to their elements of trust by teaming up with the Better Business Bureau.

Trust is a big consideration, when shopping online. The internet is full of online stores offering goods and services. Some of these stores are reliable others are not. Sporto Motoring Accessories wanted to assure its visitors that it was a store to be trusted. The Better Business Bureau has built their business assuring the public of that trust relationship between business and customer.

“Visitor trust is a big part of an online shopping experience,” said Ken Geers, President of Sporto Motoring Accessories. The decision to join the Team at the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau is a commitment from Sporto Motoring to give their customers the best shopping experience.

The Better Business Bureau has been a symbol of trust for more than eighty years. The BBB logo is a recognized symbol of honest business relationships. It only made sense for Sporto Motoring to be part of that experience and to proudly display the BBB logo on their website.

To learn more about Sporto Motoring or the BBB logo visit Sporto Motoring Accessories. To shop online automotive accessories visit Car and Truck Accessories for a Trusted shopping experience.

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