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Creating Online Advertising Campaigns through Business Networking Community

Atlanta, Ga. 4/27/2010 04:22 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Social and business networking communities have become a favored venue for companies looking to create online advertising campaigns and attract new customers and clients. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer these companies an opportunity to build a following while disseminating information about their business and building networks.


While these sites have proven to be effective marketing tools for a business they often fall short of proving a comprehensive view of what they do. As a networking community that focuses on providing its members with the most popular search engine marketing applications has created an outlet in which businesses can truly reach the greatest number of customers and clients.


By creating a profile on a business has the ability to upload the most relevant information concerning their company. In addition to basic information regarding contact details and a description of their company a business can post all of their blogs, list upcoming events, upload their videos, display pictures, post news and press releases, update their status through the Right Now application, and display their own banner advertisements.


Displaying banner advertisements through the ADit application enables a member to truly customize their profile, serving to highlight specific products, services or events that are important to a business. These banner ads then drive traffic to a specific page within a company’s Web site further increasing the opportunity to boost sales.


WooEB also enables members to create and build a network within the business networking community, providing a list of people and businesses already interested in their products and services.


Because information uploaded to WooEB is indexed in search engines the value of a member’s profile is increased each time it is updated. Each section, whether it is blogs, videos, news, etc., produces a unique search result which in turn adds to a member’s chance to be found when an individual searched for particular keywords or keyword phrases.


Create you profile within the WooEB community today and build your Web presence within a matter of minutes.


To learn more about the services of WooEB or for additional information concerning the site please contact:



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