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Online Marketing Applications to Build Brand Recognition and Attract New Customers and Clients Available on

Atlanta, Ga. 3/27/2010 01:46 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Online marketing applications are an integral part of any company’s branding efforts on the Web and when they are implemented effectively they can help maintain a loyal customer base while also attracting new clients. While many of these online marketing applications are available on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. these venues often leave an incomplete view of a business.


As a social and business networking community designed to provide companies as well as individuals with the tools necessary to create a comprehensive profile, continues to enhance its marketing applications and deliver to its members the most beneficial site on the Web for online marketing campaigns.


Creating a profile on WooEB enables a business to do more than just provide company information or post blogs and pictures, it gives a business the opportunity to own its pages. Through the unique ADit application a member of WooEB can brand their profile with their own banner advertisements, giving them a way to draw attention to specific products, services and events while directing them to their company Web site. The banner ads that run through ADit appear on all the pages within a profile, meaning the more content you uploaded the more exposure you create.


Those banner advertisements will appear on a variety of content channels inside your profile including all the blogs and press releases you upload, the pages where your pictures display, all of the pages your videos appear, your events listings and more.


To further draw traffic to your content WooEB has made it easy to build a network within the community and because the site caters to not only businesses but individuals as well a business can create meaningful relationships with customers as well as prospective business partners.


With the most recent marketing application added to WooEB, the “Right Now” status, a member can write a quick blurb about what they are doing at that moment. Similar to the functionality of Twitter, the “Right Now” status on WooEB can serve to notify others of upcoming sales, hourly specials or updates. As an added means of gaining further exposure WooEB highlights the most recent “Right Now” postings on the home page of the site, giving visitors to WooEB an immediate introduction to your business.


Create you profile within the WooEB community today and build your Web presence within a matter of minutes.


To learn more about the services of WooEB or for additional information concerning the site please contact:



500 Bishop St. F9

Atlanta, Ga. 30318

404.352.4949 (t)

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