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Build Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Efforts with Business Networking Profile on

Atlanta, Ga. 3/23/2010 12:04 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Businesses are well aware of the need to build their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts to increase awareness and build their brand recognition among customers and clients. Knowing that social media has become one of the most popular venues from which to build their online campaigns, many businesses have created profiles and uploaded content to numerous sites in hopes of effectively broadcasting their message. While these efforts aren’t wasted, they can often be time consuming and not always produce the desired results.


As a social and business networking community that concentrates on providing members with a comprehensive menu of marketing applications has created a venue where a business can publish their content as well as attract a network of followers.


By creating a profile on WooEB a business has the ability to upload all of their videos, post their blogs and pictures, give detailed information about their company including links back to their Web site, distribute and display press releases and list events. Each profile on WooEB can be designated with a unique URL making it easier for members to market their information to customers and clients.


WooEB has also created a “Right Now” status for members. Appearing directly on their profile, the “Right Now” status allows a member to post quick updates about what they are doing at the moment. These blurbs can be excellent tools for advertising specific products and services or keeping a member’s network informed about specials and upcoming deals.


As an added means of drawing brand recognition and heightening a company’s online marketing efforts WooEB features the five most recently updated “Right Now” status’ on its home page. This means every time a member updates their Right Now status they have their name featured on the front page of a heavily trafficked site.


Understanding that most small businesses are looking to market themselves through social media sites WooEB has also created the ADit application which enables members to upload their own banner advertisements to their profile. This not allows a member to highlight specific sales items, services and events, but also prevents outside advertisements from appearing on their content. ADit does more than just promote your brand; it keeps your visitor focused on you.


In the end this is what you want as a small business, the opportunity to capture an audience, keep their interest, and build your relationships. WooEB offers a number of online marketing applications that, when utilized, serve to meet this goal.


To learn more about the services of WooEB or for additional information concerning the site please contact:



500 Bishop St. F9

Atlanta, Ga. 30318

404.352.4949 (t)

404.355.9546 (f)


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