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Retractable Awnings, Shade Canopies, Free Standing Shade Structures and Outdoor Accessories Available from ShadeTree, a Featured Profile on Business Networking Community Site YourFINDit

Atlanta, Ga. 8/21/2009 12:58 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Awnings, Shadetree Retractable Awnings. It's an outdoor lover's dream . . . an economical way to shade your deck or patio that also adds value, excitement and hours of enjoyment to your home. Whether you're seeking shelter from the sun's intense rays, or simply jazzing up the backyard, you'll appreciate the many unique benefits of ShadeTree® Retractable Awnings. (information taken from ShadeTree profile on YourFINDit)


With their YourFINDit profile ShadeTree can gain additional exposure for their retractable awnings, shade canopies, pergolas, arbors. walkways, cabana curtains, backyard blinds and more. Through their YourFINDit profile ShadeTree also creates organic traffic to their information. In addition, companies can have their employees create individual profiles on YourFINDit that provide additional links back to the company website, increasing awareness and prominence on search engines.


Inside the ShadeTree profile visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization as they have access to all of their press releases, videos, blogs, interviews, pictures, and events uploaded through YourFINDit or its parent company TransWorldNews. Members within the YourFINDit community can also network with ShadeTree and meet other members within the ShadeTree network. ShadeTree also has the ability to utilize the “Right Now” application on their profile to keep visitors informed about the happenings within the organization at that moment.


ShadeTree has utilized the “ADit” application on their business profile which enables them to control the banner advertising that appears on their profile and all the pages within their profile. By using the ADit tool ShadeTree can advertise information, highlight their most recent products, or use the space to make promote specials on their full menu of retractable awnings, shade canopies and outdoor accessories with each banner directly linking to a URL they have designated.


YourFINDit, owned and operated by news and press release service TransWorldNews, is a business, music and individual community networking site that allows members to utilize the most popular applications used on the Internet to create a truly useful profile that effectively markets to a large audience. YourFINDit provides each member the opportunity to control the advertising that appears on their profile and the pages within it.


Create a business profile today on YourFINDit and reach a community of potential customers and clients.


To become a featured business profile on YourFINDit complete your profile and contact us at or call 404.352.4949.



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