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Rewards Checking with Bank of Internet is More than Just Free Checking

Atlanta 3/04/2012 02:45 AM GMT (WooEB)

Bank of Internet is offering Rewards Checking that offers much more than just free checking. With unlimited ATM reimbursements, free Bill Pay and free FinanceWorks money management software, Bank of Internet will provide you with the tools and resources you need to take care of your money.

Opening a Rewards Checking account with Bank of Internet is easy to do.  You can set up your account online for only $100.  There are no monthly minimums or maintenance fees so your Rewards Account becomes a free checking account.

Rewards Checking provides you with a wealth of money management software that will help you take care of your finances. MyDeposit gives you the power to make deposits from your own home or office. Never again will you have to waste your lunch break at the bank, or rush to deposit your paycheck after work.  

With Bill Pay and mobile banking, you’ll never be left in the dark about where your money is at and the knowledge will always be at your fingertips. Get emails and text message alerts whenever something is going on with your account. You can even manage your money with FinancesWorks, powered by Quicken, to help budget and stay on budget.

Even with two versions of overdraft protection to choose from, Bank of Internet is doing everything they can to make you feel more comfortable and more at ease with your online banking.  All features are completely free and easy to use, just like opening an account. Visit Bank of Internet today and open your own Rewards Checking account and start taking control of your money today.

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