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  • Company Name: Green B2B Solutions
  • About Company: Green B2B Solutions, The Eco-Friendly Marketplace, brings companies together who are interested in finding green business solutions and eco-friendly business services, products and practices. Green B2B Solutions goal is to promote green, environmental consciousness among both business and consumers. A green business is any organization that try's to participate in green, eco-friendly activities to ensure that all services, products and manufacturing activities address environmental concerns while maintaining the ability to make a profit. Green B2B Solutions targets Green Business Solutions for Marketing (B2B Lists and Compliant B2C Lead Generation), Solar Energy (Thermal Electric, Architecture and Solar Panels), Wind Energy (OffShore, Wind Turbines, Smart Grids and Windmills) and Technology (Cloud Computing, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Data Storage, IT Services, PaaS, SaaS, Search Engine Marketing, Virtualization) that are effective, attractive and highly functional.