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Twist 25 DHEA Cream Available in Denton, TX at Cupboard Natural Food & Cafe

Denton, TX 1/19/2012 10:30 PM GMT (WooEB)

DHEA is a chemical that we all produce naturally in our bodies but produce less of as we age. The decline in DHEA production is related to changing moods, slipping memory, loss of vitality and other common side effects of aging. Using Twist 25 DHEA cream people can begin to restore their DHEA to youthful levels and reduce some of the negative effects of aging.

Twist 25 DHEA is available in select retail and nutrition stores across the country like Cupboard Natural Food & Cafe. Cupboard Natural foods & Cafe has been an active promoter of health in Denton, TX for over 40 years.

Stop by Cupboard Natural Food & Cafe, located at 200 West Congress St. Denton, TX 76201to pick up Twist 25 today and restore your youthful vigor. Using Twist 25 DHEA cream every day for three weeks can restore DHEA to youthful levels and help curb the effects of aging. Twist 25 is also available on their website

About Twist 25:

Twist 25 DHEA cream is the most effective way to use DHEA to maintain youthful health and vitality. Twist 25 is a 5% pharmaceutical grade bioidentical DHEA cream absorbed in the skin where it functions as a base building block for 50 important hormones. Research shows that DHEA levels drive energy levels, mood, memory, bone strength, immune response, muscle tone, abdominal fat, sex drive, skin hydration, sleep and more. Twist 25 cream is available at select retail stores. To become a retail vendor contact:

Hugh Woodward

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