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Drive Traffic from Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites to Your Links with Buzz Signal

Atlanta, GA 7/19/2011 06:04 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The popularity of social networking sites has risen dramatically since the launch of MySpace and LinkedIn in 2003. Since then the popularity of Facebook has led to a feature film and the success of Tweeting has provided entertainment and controversy. Over the past few years companies have created new positions designated to capturing an audience of people using these sites. Their sole responsibility is to try and drive people from social networking sites to their company’s content. They do this through sharing, tweeting, and bookmarking in hopes that these posts go viral. Buzz Signal provides a solution for these people to help their content go viral.

TransWorldNews - a leader in SEM, SEO, and press release distribution - recognized this as an opportunity to provide a solution and created a tool for companies to promote their URLs on social networking and bookmarking sites. With the launch of Buzz Signal, having your URL go viral has become more likely thanks to a head start based on the number of promotions you decide to run. Using Buzz Signal, individuals and companies can put any URL they want to promote on social networking and bookmarking sites
over a thousand times to increase viewership and lead to an increase in page views.

Buzz Signal works by publishing a link to the URL of your choosing to a network of social media and bookmarking accounts created and used by real people. The posts then receive a predetermined number of promotions. A promotion is any human interaction with the posts including but not limited to retweets, sharing, upvotes, diggs, and more on Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.

Promotions do more than put your link in front of new viewers, they validate your content. People on social networking sites value their friends’ opinions and what they recommend. The more people that have interacted with your link, the more legitimate it becomes. Search engines know this and have been using what they call “social proof,” or the level of interaction with a post, when indexing content.

When used in conjunction with a press release Buzz Signal is able to add longevity to your news. Buzz Signal promotions are spaced out so that the posts on social networking and bookmarking sites remain highly visible. Instead of fading quickly the release receives consistent views because the promotions continue to draw attention the link. Even after the promotions from the Buzz Signal network reach the number of promotions that have been bought there are still opportunities for people outside the network to continue sharing the link through their own profiles.

Buzz Signal allows a company to put the links to their content where people are already congregating. Links with Buzz Signal go to the people who you want to see and interact with your link.

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