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Prevent Bed Bugs in your Business Office with Tampa Bay Bugs

Tampa Bay 3/27/2013 06:35 PM GMT (WooEB)

Workers can easily bring bed bugs from their homes and carry them into their workplace without knowing it. If you discover that your office or workplace in Tampa Bay, Clearwater or St. Petersburg has bed bugs, call Tampa Bay Bugs, the full service pest control company that has been battling insects in the area since 1964.

Cities that are major tourist centers have become bigger breeding grounds for bed bugs despite more stringent sanitary efforts. They have been reported in bed-and-breakfasts, motels and hotels, so if you are the owner and suspect that your workplace may be infested with bed bugs, call the most efficient bed bug elimination company in Tampa Bay. While in a different situation, the process is mostly the same, where we set up bed bug monitoring stations which attract bed bugs and allow for better, more efficient commercial bed treatments.

These monitoring stations are perfect for places like schools and hospitals and hotels that can be easily infested by bed bugs right after another one has been eliminated. The more strange human activity comes through your workplace, the more likely you will need Tampa Bay Bugs bed bug prevention methods.

For professional treatment call Tampa Bay Bugs at 727-525-7292 or online at and become one of the few that are a “Certified Bed Bug Free” facility.

We offer senior discounts, military, fire, and police discounts and discounts for bundling our services.

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