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Tampa Bay Bugs: Watch for Bed Bugs in your Hotel and Resorts

Tampa Bay 3/30/2013 10:35 PM GMT (WooEB)

Bed bugs are small enough to hide anywhere so they can easily be in the shoes, clothes of anyone that has been through your hotel room before you and the light cleaning that is done is not nearly enough to prevent them from spreading. Therefore if you are a hotel manager you should keep routine inspections going continuously throughout the year. Tampa Bay Bugs has been partnered with real estate agents who trust us to inspect their homes before they sell them. Call Tampa Bay Bugs for the most efficient and thorough bed bug prevention.

Bed bugs take advantage of their flattened bodies to hide in crevices and cracks only emerging at night to find host to feed off of. Comforters also provide perfect hide outs for these annoying pests, but there are things you can do that can keep them from getting out of control. Heat kills bed bugs easily so steam cleaning it thoroughly and washing it in hot soapy water is a good way to eliminate them and regular washing in the same manner is one of the more perfect bed bug prevention methods.

While these methods also work for mattresses and pillows, their eggs may not be so easy to get rid of because of their color and size. Tampa Bay Bugs is the best method for complete bed bug elimination and support for further bed bug prevention.

For professional treatment call Tampa Bay Bugs at 727-525-7292 or online at and become one of the few that are a “Certified Bed Bug Free” facility.

We offer senior discounts, military, fire, and police discounts and discounts for bundling our services.

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