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Open a Rewards Online Checking Account and Watch your Money Grow

Atlanta 3/28/2012 07:45 PM GMT (WooEB)

A Rewards Online Checking account is a great way to manage your money and watch it grow.  With Bank of Internet, Rewards Checking your bank account will work for you to bring more money into the account. From a potential interest rate of 1.25% to Purchase Rewards, Bank of Internet makes your Rewards Checking account work for you.

Rewards Checking is named because of the benefits it provides to its account holders.  Bank of Internet’s Rewards Checking offers a buildable interest rate which account holders can increase every time they use online banking or their Visa debit card. Users can build their interest rate up to 1.25% just by performing simple banking actions such as receiving direct deposits or paying bills online.

Another way Rewards Checking works for you is by offering Purchase Rewards for every time you use your Visa debit card. By activating your Purchase Reward offers through your online Rewards Checking account you’ll become eligible for cash back bonuses every time you use your debit card.

Bank of Internet strives to make online banking easier and more convenient for everyone. A wide variety of online tools and services coupled with great rewards and interest rates, Rewards Checking is an easy choice for online banking. Go to Bank of Internet today to open your own Rewards Checking account.

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