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Online Banking Is Easy With Bank of Internet's Mobile App

Atlanta 3/16/2012 08:10 PM GMT (WooEB)

Bank of Internet is making online banking easier than it has ever been. Since they first launched mobile banking in 2011, the bank has proven itself to be continually searching for the solutions to your online banking needs. Now with the introduction of its Mobile Deposit App, Bank of Internet is making banking possible on the go with the use of your Android, or iPhone.

Online banking is changing the way we feel about banking. In a hectic world where schedules rarely ever meet, being tied to a physical branch’s hours can put a wrench in our daily plans. By utilizing your online banking with Bank of Internet’s online Rewards Checking, or High Interest Checking you can say goodbye to traditional banking hours, and hello to total banking freedom.

Bank of Internet has recently released a new app available through the iTunes store, the iPhone App store, and the Android Market. The new Mobile Deposit App enables users to make deposits directly from their iPhone or Android. To make a deposit all a user has to do is use the camera function on their phone to take a picture of the front and back of the check and follow the directions on the app.

Regardless of whether you have a High Interest Checking account or a Rewards Checking account, you’ll still receive Bank of Internet’s large variety of products and services to maximize your online banking experience.  From free MyDeposit, to online Bill Pay, and Mobile Banking, Bank of Internet Makes banking easy from your home, office, or on the go with your iPhone or Android.

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