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Journalist Arrested In Connection With Bombing Of Israeli Embassy Car

Atlanta 3/08/2012 04:08 AM GMT (WooEB)

Authorities in India announced Wednesday the arrest of a freelance journalist connected to an attack on an Israeli embassy car last month. The suspect has been identified as 50-year-old Syed Mohammad Kazmi, an India native who works for an unspecified Iranian news agency.

Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said Kazmi was taken into custody Tuesday. He is accused of helping another suspect plan the attack. Bhagat said Kazmi had been in contact with the person believed to have planted the bomb on the embassy vehicle. The bomb exploded in New Delhi on February 13 and wounded four people, including the wife of an Israeli diplomat.

Kazmi will be held for questioning until March 27. His lawyer, Vijay Aggarwal, told reporters he “has been falsely implicated” and “is not an international terrorist.”


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